Transform the ambiance of your rooms with the soft glow from a burning perfumed candle and envelop your home with a beautiful fragrance.  Create a warm, welcoming, and fragrant atmosphere with our scented candles. Our Candles are made with 100% natural wax for a long, clean burn.  Our scented candles are a lovely addition to any elegant home. The BYFT Candlex range is perfect for date nights, meditation, and lit-up celebrations. Each Candlex range of candles has aromas that elevate your mood instantly.

high quality

Our candles are made using high-quality wax to bring you candles that burn brighter & cleaner making them the perfect addition to your home décor.

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Aroma therapy: Available in aromas specially chosen for you to create a relaxing, peaceful, and warm ambiance.


For every occasion: Whether you’re decorating your home or getting ready for a romantic night, our scented candles have you covered.

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